Microarray Ltd (formerly Archimed LLP) - Unquoted

Archimed was a spin-out from Insense (qv) to commercialise wound dressing technology developed by Insense for the chronic wound care market - this is a growing market due to, inter alia, the increasing average age of populations and the growing incidence of diabetes.

In 2014, a restructuring resulted in the investment in Archimed LLP becoming a shareholding in Microarray Ltd (www.microarray.co.uk), following the sale of Archimed LLP with its developed products - the rights to the principal product under development was excluded from the sale and transferred to Microarray.



Last Updated: 24/07/2018

Investment Information:
date of first inv: Jan 2011
cost: £132,000
valn at: 30/06/2018 £67,000
equity held: 1.8%