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Freehand 2010 acquired the business of Freehand Surgical Ltd following the latter being placed in administration in December 2010.

Freehand is positioning itself to become the leading supplier of low cost robotic laparoscope controllers for use by keyhole surgeons. Freehand is a successor product to EndoAssist (an instrument which was very large and expensive vs. Freehand being portable and inexpensive) which enabled keyhole surgeons to control the camera directly (via a unique control system guided by head movement) without the use of an assistant. Freehand, was launched in 2009 - the benefits are cost saving (vs. using an assistant), immediate performance of surgeon's instructions and a steady picture, which lead to shorter operation times and better patient outcomes.

At the end of 2011, Freehand 2010 was acquired by OR Productivity plc (ORP) in exchange for ORP shares ORP was founded by two people with very senior MedTech experience in order to commercialise products able to enhance the productivity of Minimally Invasive Medecine, which embraces keyhole surgery the Freehand product is perceived as a platform product for other productivity enhancing products which are appearing for keyhole surgeons.


Freehand Surgical
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Last Updated: 24/07/2018

Investment Information:
date of first inv: Mar 2011
cost: £765,000
valn at: 30/06/2018 £664,000
equity held: 11.1%