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Eykona was founded in 2007 to deploy computer vision technology (essentially 3D imaging) developed within Oxford University for developing a hand held camera to measure the volume of chronic wounds - this is a vital measurement for obtaining an understanding of whether a wound is getting better or worse, and hence assist determining the treatment to be applied.

The first production version of the camera was delivered in May 2010. The company is pursuing a recurring income business model.

The 3D imaging technology also has potential applications outside MedTech. One of the uses for which the camera was being used clinically in the US was to help create masks for dealing with patients suffering from facial burns - this resulted in becoming aware of the opportunity to develop the medical camera into an affordable handheld 3D scanner for use by both retail and business users within the 3D printing market - this product (with development partly funded via Kickstarter) is due to be launched in 2014. As part of this changed strategic direction, the Eykona business was restructured in 2014, resulting in the investment in Eykona Ltd becoming an investment in Fuel 3D Technologies Ltd (www.fuel-3d.com).


Fuel 3D

Last Updated: 24/07/2018

Investment Information:
date of first inv: Mar 2010
cost: £299,000
valn at: 30/06/2018 £276,000
equity held: <1%