Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging Ltd - Unquoted

Hallmarq is a Guildford-based company which specialises in developing low cost magnetic resonance imaging systems. The first application is for equine vets to enable the diagnosis of causes of lameness in horses that are not identifiable by any other method. Hallmarq has installed more than 70 units at leading equine veterinary practices and research centres around the world, and >37,000 scans have been carried out on horses using equipment supplied by Hallmarq. The next major development project is an MRI scanner for companion animals, a market which is significantly larger than the equine market - it was launched in 2013.



Last Updated: 24/07/2018

Investment Information:
date of first inv: Aug 2005
cost: £1,116,000
valn at: 30/06/2018 £2,029,000
equity held: 10.2%